Roll-Off Observatory Construction
This is the goal. As you can see I'm light years from completion
Observatory to be used for personal use as well as for astronomy outreach programs in the
Suwannee valley area. As of now there are no astronomy clubs in the area so I've taken it on my
own to make this happen.
So far the construction that has been done with mostly recycled or reused wood and materials
from our aviaries and donations from businesses and individuals(my self). Not easy to do when
you are on disability and it's not a non-profit organization so donations are not tax deductable. It's
easier to do it all my self than deal with non-profit status, accountants, taxes and all that jazz.
The construction is being done with the help of friends and neighbors as I have materials to work
with but I do get more done in a month than congress <---->.

Big thanks to Bob at Gainesville Overhead doors for donating all of the track and rollers.

The resident telescope is a 9.25" Celestron SCT on a CGEM Equatorial mount. Until I hit the
Lottery and then I will get my Dream set up 14" Celestron Edge HD on a CGE Pro mount.
Photo courtesy of Scott Baker
Roof Slider construction
Big Thanks!

To the Donors below.
Thank You
Paul Stamps
roof materials
The metal roof is on 01/14/2012
02/02/2012 Upgraded the mount  from a CG5ASGT to a CGEM First light with the
new mount at Hillcrest Observatory 02/04/2012 Still need walls and AC power
Adding power to the observatory is no small feet. I started the trench using a rototiller to break the ground
and dig the trench with a shovel my neck and back said "NO WAY" so I hired a backhoe.
Time to add some walls to the observatory. This process has taken 8 months and is ongoing
Roof Construction
Motorization or Roll Off Roof