SkyShed POD Beta POD I  (left) Proud owner Steve Barnes of Canada.. At the 2007 WSP  With my
Frankenscope in it.. Franken scope started out as A KONUS 8" f/5 Reflector. I had to reinforce the upper tube with
aluminum and replace the JUNK focuser to eliminate image shift when I hung my Big Fat Heavy DSLR on it.

SkyShed POD Beta POD II (right)  Mine With My 14" Lx200 GPS UHTC SMT  
Steve was super nice to bring my Beta POD to me at the WSP . SkyShed POD made its debut at the 2007 WSP
With a Double shot of pod Steve's Beta I and My Beta II
Night shot of Pod in action. 10 sec exposure.
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