This web site is dedicated to Photography,  Astronomy and AstroPhotography  I am
new at this game so any tips are welcome. So Are questions. As time goes by  I will
build a list of useful links to Help You in Your Quest for the Heavenly Knowledge. If
you are like me your mind is like a sieve I mean a sponge thirsting for coffee no
knowledge. The links will serve as.. Well a link to cool and necessary astro-stuff so
we don't have to remember where we saw that widget I needed.
Welcome to The Hillcrest Observatory Web site.
This site is dedicated to Amateur Astronomy, Astro-Photography . You will notice
that I  don't have the most expensive  Equipment. Like many of us I'm on a very
limited budget and I wheel and deal to change equipment or move up in quality. My
quantity and quality of scopes fluctuates with the(my) economy. At one time I had
thirteen scopes now I have a wonderful Celestron 9.25" OTA on a Celestron CGEM
mount. .

I do not own a Takahashi, Astro-Physics, TMB, or any of the fine products offered by
APM telescopes. Sorry Markus they are not within my financial reach. Maybe some
day. So I will do the best I can with what I've got and be happy just to be able to gaze
the heavens.

In short, buy the best instruments you can afford and learn to get the most out of
them. If you can't afford a telescope of your own look in someone else's scope find a
club and attend meetings and outreach functions. We amateur astronomers are
always willing to Teach, Learn and Share.

Keep looking up.

Enjoy the site. Remember It is a Work in progress
Astro Links
Hillcrest  Observatory Clear Sky Chart
Are you tired of not getting to observe because you are too tired or don't feel like
dragging out your equipment.

Don't want to spend an hour setting up and aligning your scope for one to two
hours of observing just to have to break it down and haul back into the living
room just to have your wife or husband give you that look.

Do you want to Increase your Eye To Eyepiece time and have a permanent home
for your scope.

Would you like to be able to walk out, flip open the dome and be observing in the
time it takes to turn on your scope..

My Pod did that for me. I had never enjoyed astronomy as I do now. My Eyepiece
time has increased ten fold. Little or no set up time. Just close the dome lock it
up safe and secure.
ION Green Ultra Glow POD
Think of the Possibilities. Get your Eye to the eyepiece and grin  ;-))